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Payment Process

Move quality freight and get paid in three to five days with no fees.

We Pay in 3–5 Days!

At Sureway Transportation Company, we understand you, as a carrier, want to be paid faster by your freight broker. We also understand how fast payments can be advantageous for the thousands of carriers in our network. That’s why Sureway has paid carriers in 3-5 days since the very beginning.

How Does It Work?

The faster you get the paperwork to Sureway, the faster you get paid. Below you will see instructions for billing (Transflo Velocity is the preferred method). That gets Sureway the required documents quickly and in a high-quality format. When you become a Sureway brokered carrier and utilize Transflo Velocity, you can get paid in three to five days.


How You Get Paid

You provide the following documentation:

  • Your invoice
  • Rate confirmation
  • Signed BOL (all pages)
  • Any lumper receipts
  • Other required documents

Submit your paperwork using Transflo Velocity:

  • Transflo Velocity, Mobile+ or Express via smartphone or app. Visit or download the app.
  • Create a login with a valid email
  • Use Broker ID: AGVSV (receive confirmation of delivery)
  • Email to update our records or if you have any questions.

Once downloaded, you can submit your paperwork to ATS Logistics/Sureway instantly.

If you’re not able to use Transflo Velocity, please reach out to our payables group for alternative instructions.

Payment Options

  • ACH (direct deposit)
  • Send a check via USPS, Federal Express ($25 fee) or UPS ($25 fee)
  • Credit card (we pay carriers with Visa)

After all paperwork is received and reviewed, we'll set your payment to go out within three to five business days.

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