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Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Reduce your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping hassles by relying on services that save you time and money.

Always Find a Truck That Can Move Your LTL Freight Quickly

Trying to find a truck that can move your LTL freight quickly can be a challenge. As a leading LTL freight broker, we have strong, collaborative partnerships with 15 of the best carriers in the industry to ensure you get the rates and services that save you time and money.

Additionally, we make it easy for your freight and customer service departments to access information about your LTL shipments at any time. Using an easy-to-use online portal, you can access:

  • LTL rates
  • Published transit times
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Bill of lading (BOL) generation

Regardless of LTL freight type, we’re able to deliver shippers like you the efficient logistics solutions you need to stay on schedule and reduce hassles.


10% Savings

Customers See an Average of 10% Savings When They Switch to Sureway and Our LTL Program.

Over 10K

Shipments Delivered Every Month


Visibility for Tracking and Tracing

Reduce Supply Chain Costs with LTL Shipping

Partner with a team of transportation experts who will simultaneously help free up your time and save you money.

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