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5 Reasons Expert Freight Brokers Should Join an Agency Model (like Sureway)

Experienced freight brokers who aren’t currently in an agency model should consider one for many reasons. (That’s right, we said it!) We personally have our own well-established logistics company to base our experience on, and it continues to be a successful model. If you’re an expert freight broker, or know someone who is, here is a quick summary of the advantage of joining an agency model like Sureway Transportation.

Take Paperwork & Tasky To-Dos Off Your List

At Sureway, you can fork over all of your back-office paperwork to our team of trusted support staff who will happily handle your needs with care and efficiency. It’s kind of like hiring your own staff, except instead of paying someone, you simply get to do more of the work that makes you more money. How’s that for a win? Our staff takes care of everyday tasks like accounting, carrier compliance, collections, contract management, and credit checks. At the end of the day, your desk is clear for moving more freight faster.

Get a Reputation for Paying Fast While Reducing Your Overhead

For our agents, Sureway pays the carriers and holds the receivable. Carriers working on your loads get paid on average by the third day after delivery (which they’ll love you for), even though customers don’t pay us for 30 days. If you were handling that on your own, that’s an intense amount of risky exposure that builds up quickly. Take the weight of exposure and overhead off your mind by joining our team of independent agents.

Get Today’s Best Technology Without the Bill

At Sureway, we foot the technology expense for all of our independent agents. We supply our own TMS system that is web-based, and we own the technology. We also supply load boards like DAT and Truckstop. In addition, our agents have the option to track their loads with Macropoint and TruckerTools. And we are EDI-compliant along with an LTL program. These technology provisions give our independent agents everything they need to operate at their very best without worrying about what to buy or struggling to afford it. Instead, it's all right there for the taking.

Leverage Our Good Standing in Your Favor

Independent agents that work with Sureway get the best of both worlds. They’re still their own boss, but they get to back their name with ours, which is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have been around since 1955 and have a very old MC #. A broker going out on their own and getting their own authority would have a new MC # which is a red flag for most established carriers. We are proud to have a great reputation with carriers, with over 200,000 carriers available in our system today. That equates to more team members on your side, moving freight at the speed you need to succeed.  

To sum it all up, experienced brokers coming to an agency model like Sureway’s have the opportunity to easily cover more freight than you ever thought possible with little to no overhead. Be your own boss and set your own hours as an entrepreneur in charge of your own destiny. If you’re experienced, determined, and honest, we’re ready for you. Learn more at