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Become a Freight Broker

To become a freight broker, it helps to have a background in the trucking industry. This is good news for freight drivers who are tired of being away from their families for long periods of time or are just ready to move their careers to the next level. Truckers also have the contacts necessary for successful broker careers. At Sureway Transportation Company, we appreciate brokers who know the other side of the business.

First, to become a freight broker, you'll need to apply for authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You'll also have to post a $10,000 surety bond, as well as file the proper process agent form, called a BOC-3. Once you receive your license, you can start building up your contacts in the trucking industry to ensure your success as a broker.

Become a High-Volume Freight Broker.

There are thousands of licensed freight brokers in the industry today. The sad truth is that only half of them are working at any given time. When you make the decision to become a freight broker, you want to know you're going to have the support you need to keep your business rolling. That's why it's important to link yourself with a solid brokerage firm.

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Let's TalkIt takes determination and an entrepreneurial spirit to become a freight broker, but to become a successful one, it takes more. You need a logistics team behind you that can back you up and give you immediate credibility in the business. As one of the top 25 brokerages in the country, Sureway Transportation Company gives you that credibility. We are a subsidiary of Anderson Trucking Services, Inc., a highly respected player in the industry.

With over 42,000 contracted carriers, we can expand your reach overnight. We pay our carriers in three to five days. When carriers get paid on time, they want to work with you again, and as your contacts increase, so does your business. Give us a call or email our Agent Development Managers:

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Wade Carey - Eastern Region Agency Development Manager
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