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Cargo Broker

As a cargo broker, you face many challenges. It can be hard to establish a foothold in the brokerage industry, particularly with the increasing competition and recent changes to shipping rules. If you have managed to carve out a steady business as a cargo broker, the last thing you need are logistics headaches. Sureway Transportation Company is dedicated to taking care of those headaches for you, so that you can get to work expanding your business.

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Sureway Transportation Company is one of the most trusted names in the cargo brokerage industry. Our powerful financial backing helps make us one of the top 25 brokerage firms in the nation. We do business with over 32,000 contracted carriers. And right now we have opportunities for experienced cargo brokers to take advantage of these resources.

Working with a Cargo Brokerage Firm

While some people may tell you that all it takes is a phone line, a fax machine and an internet connection to get started in this business, the truth is that you will need a lot more if you want to thrive. You need shipping and carrier contacts. You probably already have some, but imagine how many more you could reach with a top-tier company behind you. Our renowned customer service and quick payouts (three to five days) make us a favorite with shippers and carriers alike.

Join the Sureway Transportation Company team and let us take care of the headaches. You'll see your cargo client base grow, and you'll see how happy you can make them. Hook up with a winner. To find out more contact our Agent Development Managers:

David Messmer - Western Region Agency Development Manager
800-279-6307 - Phone
214-636-8393 - Cell
320-223-7637 - Fax
Wade Carey - Eastern Region Agency Development Manager
320-241-5922 - Cell
320-223-7638 - Fax

We have the financial backing that gives shippers confidence. Carriers love us because we pay in three to five days. Now you have the opportunity to put our reputation to work for you.