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Day in the Life of a Freight Agent: Part 2—Working from Wherever

One of the perks of being an experienced freight agent (and your own boss, for that matter) is the ability to work from literally anywhere that you have an internet connection. For some, that might mean a home office with multiple screens, and everything situated just so. For others, that could mean they simply work off their cell phone while traveling wherever they please. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet option to be able to get up and go when you need to!

Working from Home
Long before this became a trend (or necessity) for today’s desk-facing workforce, freight agents have been mastering the art of working from home. You know all the benefits this brings—no commute, the ability to be home when kids are too, more time with your pets, and just being within the comfort of your own home—from couch to kitchen table to designated home office. Many of our agents who strictly work from home thrive on routine and self-discipline, even though they have the option to work wherever they like. We’ve heard time and time again that having their own space within the home is key—and that usually involves a door to close during the many phone calls they take and make each day.

Working from a Designated Office
Some agents crave the structure of a traditional office environment and getting out of the house to do their job is a healthy way to separate work life and home life. Great options for independent freight agents are co-working spaces, which allows them to work alongside other entrepreneurs while renting their own designated office space. That way they can get away from the desk for five minutes to chat, have coffee with others, and get that collaborative coworker vibe without the full-on corporate feel. Many of our agents share offices with others, and that has been a great motivator for them in all sorts of ways.

Working from Vacation
Okay, in the name of life-work balance, you really shouldn’t have to work from vacation. But what we’ve seen from our dedicated agents is the desire to provide their customers and carriers with reliable service. So, if that means picking up a few phone calls from the beach, they simply don’t mind. The ability to scale your business up and down based on vacation time—or any other busy time in your personal world—is a major advantage of working in this industry.

At Sureway Transportation, we truly couldn’t care if you’re working from the top of a mountain or from your living room couch (though if you do have a mountain view, you gotta send a pic!). Learn more about working as an agent under Sureway here >>