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Down to the Details: How Expert Freight Agents Make All the Difference

As a leading freight brokerage company, Sureway agents are experts at creating custom solutions. You’ll be served with a wealth of knowledge, next-level ideas, and peace of mind in knowing everything is well taken care of. Here’s how our expert freight agents can make all the difference, down to the last detail.

We make sure delivery dates are accurate.

Here at Sureway, we have developed a strong trust with our current customers, where we have a track record of providing the right carrier for the load at hand and the delivery date needed. What this comes down to is great communication, as well as stellar customer service and unmatched quality. With those pieces in place, timing is not an issue.

We determine the best mode of transportation for the load at hand.

As transportation experts, we’ll match the best transportation method to your particular freight. We’ll consider alternatives to LTL, where we can ship your freight as a partial load. Or we’ll see if we could get your freight on a rail car for a more cost effective intermodal delivery. We’re happy to talk you through the thought process, but know that our agents are always thinking about those types of logistics to get the best transportation outcome for everyone involved.

We account for every detail in getting from point A to point B (and any stops in between).

Shippers know their products, but our agents know how to get them where they need to go efficiently. We’ll check all the boxes, like whether the freight is drive on, protected from the elements, or stackable. Twists and turns along the way are accounted for and taken care of seamlessly.

We’re always ready to hear from you.

Though we know our industry is seemingly always in a hurry, with greater lead time, our agents will have more opportunity to pinpoint the most cost-effective solution for your unique needs and help you tie up any loose ends when it comes to logistics, including offering suggestions you may not have thought of yet—because that’s our specialty.

Have any questions for our agents? Contact one of our regional managers and they can connect you with an agent that has experience moving the type of cargo you need transported. David Messmer and Wade Carey both have over 25 years of experience in the industry and will make sure you get the service you need provided.