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Focus on Freight: It's Snow Season—Guess What Our Agents Are Moving?

As winter settles in, many people are excitedly preparing for the holiday season and cozy nights by the fire. However, for freight haulers, this time of year brings a different kind of excitement—it’s snow season! And with snow comes the need for various materials to keep roads clear, businesses running, and homes warm. Is it any surprise that freight hauling plays a crucial role in ensuring these vital supplies reach their destinations? No matter what it is, we’re moving it. Here’s what our freight agents are currently routing, just in time for snow season.

Road Salt, Sand, and Deicer
One of the most commonly hauled materials during snow season is salt, which is used for de-icing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. With freezing temperatures and snowstorms creating hazardous conditions for drivers, it's crucial to have a steady supply of salt to keep roads clear and safe. The demand for salt increases significantly during snow season, resulting in increased shipments from coastal ports to inland areas. This requires careful planning and coordination with suppliers to avoid shortages or delays in delivery. Same goes for sand and deicers—we’ve got to ensure it’s “here” before it’s really needed.

Plows & Snow Removal Equipment
Snowplows are another vital piece of equipment that trucking companies transport during the winter season. These heavy-duty vehicles are essential for clearing snow from roads and highways quickly and efficiently. As such, they are in high demand during this time of year, making it crucial for transportation companies to have reliable suppliers and well-maintained trucks capable of transporting these oversized vehicles safely. In addition to hauling materials for de-icing roads and providing essential services during snow season, trucking companies may also transport snow removal equipment such as plows, wheelloaders, skid steers and salt spreaders. These machines are necessary for clearing roads, parking lots and sidewalks keeping them safe for travel.

Food & Necessities
In addition to transporting goods directly to affected areas, freight companies also play a crucial role in restocking grocery stores and supermarkets after a storm. These businesses heavily rely on timely deliveries from their suppliers so they can continue serving their customers who are often stocking up on essentials before and after a storm. Aside from food, freight companies also transport other essential supplies such as medical equipment, blankets, and generators to affected areas. These supplies are critical for those who may be without power or facing other emergency situations due to the storm.

Fortunately, Sureway agents are up for the challenge, ensuring that all of our snow-fighting equipment is being steadily streamed from its source to its destination. Thanks to the transportation industry as a whole for helping keep roads clear, businesses stocked, and households cozy and warm all winter—we remain grateful!