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Focus on Freight: Navigating the Busy Holiday Transport Season

There’s no doubt that holidays have a huge impact on the transportation business. This season provides a large demand for both shippers and carriers alike which, is great for business but also comes with its own set of obstacles, such as travel restrictions, especially for oversized loads.

These travel restrictions can pose a challenge to any unprepared party who is involved in a shipment. A great agent will navigate the holiday season proactively to ensure both the needs and expectations of shippers and carriers are met.

 A prepared agent will keep in mind that the increased traffic during the holiday season will surely impact the amount of time carriers will need to deliver the cargo. On top of that, they will need to plan their pick up and drop off times around travel restrictions that are in place during and around holidays. This is especially important with deliveries that cross state lines as each state is subject to their own rules and regulations for travel during this period.

To keep shippers happy, our agents set realistic timelines to account for increased traffic and restrictions that may affect a load while also remaining transparent about travel restrictions and possible delays that could occur. To keep carriers happy, our agents plan as far ahead as possible to account for capacity being more limited around holidays. It’s also courteous to give carriers more leeway with pick up and drop off times when possible as delays due to traffic, travel restrictions, and harsh weather conditions are more likely than not during this time of year.

A festive agent will keep a positive attitude, a can-do approach to problem solving, and a cheerful pep in their voice! (Okay, we’re just being fun here, but it really is all about service at the end of the day.) Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!