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Freight Broker Business

Any experienced freight broker knows that the two keys to success in the freight business are relationships and volume. But how can you increase these when you're busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business, plus making sure carriers get paid on time and shippers pay you on time? There is a simple solution to this dilemma: link your business with a high-volume freight broker. Sureway Transportation Company is a logistics specialist that can take your business to the next level.

Increase Your Freight Broker Business

As a subsidiary of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc., we have an established name in the freight broker business. When you work under our banner, potential clients recognize a name they can trust. You'll find doors opening to exciting new relationships with shippers who are too busy to take a chance on an unknown entity. As your relationships increase, so will your volume.

How We Increase Your Freight Broker Business

An alliance with Sureway Transportation Company instantly improves your industry standing in several ways:

  • Solid financial backing from one of the top 25 freight broker businesses in the country
  • Over 42,000 contracted carriers Access to our 42,000+ contracted carriers
  • Direct Deposit Carrier Payments Carrier payment in three to five days
  • Unmatched support And the highest level of customer service and logistical support
When you consider these benefits, you can see why so many freight brokers link their business with Sureway Transportation Company. If you're ready to increase your relationships and shipping volume, then you may be ready for Sureway. Take your company to the next level. Call or email our Agent Development Managers:

David Messmer - Western Region Agency Development Manager
800-279-6307 - Phone
214-636-8393 - Cell
320-223-7637 - Fax
Wade Carey - Eastern Region Agency Development Manager
320-241-5922 - Cell
320-223-7638 - Fax

We have the financial backing that gives shippers confidence. Carriers love us because we pay in three to five days. Now you have the opportunity to put our reputation to work for you.