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Freight Broker Jobs

Freight broker jobs provide exciting opportunities to meet new people, grow your own business from the ground up and be a part of the "other side" of the trucking and shipping industries. But how can you set yourself apart in this fast-paced, highly competitive job market? One of the quickest ways is to work for a high-volume freight broker firm. Sureway Transportation Company offers job opportunities for beginning and established brokers alike.

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While many freight broker broker/agent schools promise job placement upon graduation, they don't always give you the support and contacts you need to actually succeed. The determined broker often has to forge ahead on her own. At Sureway Transportation Company, we love working with experienced individuals who have the fortitude to strive for success in the challenging world of freight. With our established name and logistical support, we believe anyone with the right determination can make a lucrative living out of freight brokering.

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Through our many years of service in this industry, we have found that the people most likely to thrive in freight broker jobs are those who have a solid reputation. But it's hard to build that reputation on your own. You need someone to vouch for you--someone with a name people trust.

Sureway Transportation Company is one of the top 25 brokerages in the country. Shippers and carriers know us to be professional, courteous and utterly dependable. When you take a freight broker job with us, you make an instant leap in credibility, giving you a reputation people can trust. Find superior freight broker jobs waiting for you by calling or emailing our Agent Development Managers:

David Messmer - Western Region Agency Development Manager
800-279-6307 - Phone
214-636-8393 - Cell
320-223-7637 - Fax
Wade Carey - Eastern Region Agency Development Manager
320-241-5922 - Cell
320-223-7638 - Fax

We have the financial backing that gives shippers confidence. Carriers love us because we pay in three to five days. Now you have the opportunity to put our reputation to work for you.