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From Headwinds to Hurricanes, Sureway Handles All Seasons

More than just the go-to topic of small talk, weather in its most extreme forms is something we talk about here at Sureway on the daily. Obviously, it affects our freight and our carriers. As safety is a top priority, we have a game plan for handling hurricane season, blizzards, wildfires, monsoons, and even earthquakes. 

It starts at the planning stage; knowing what a driver can and can’t do during a state of emergency is crucial to the successful delivery of a shipment used to aid in recovery. When weather-related occurrences become newsworthy, it not only impacts the communities that are effected by the weather but the shipments coming in and out of the affected area and the drivers that transport those shipments.

Beyond planning, communication is key. Like always, Sureway agents are on top of the entire shipment process. But in times of weather emergencies, expect an adjustment to your agent’s communication—you’ll be updated frequently to let you know of any reroutes or for the safety of the driver and the public if the truck has to shut down in a safe area while the storm passes.

Aside from being in touch with our customers, Sureway agents are routinely making contact with industry connections along your freight’s route. So, in addition to online tracking, we also get trusted word of mouth straight from the source in order to stay ahead of obstacles.

In times where we need approval to adjust the method of shipping, we can only be as agile as those who can give us the green light. Fast approvals are crucial for keeping things moving forward safely. Fortunately, our agents have the type of trusted relationships with their customers where that is not typically an issue. The partnerships we have are strong enough that fretting about weather is kept to a minimum.

When we can step up and help as an industry, we do so! Oftentimes once loads are delivered safely, carriers will transition to disaster relief, hauling in necessary supplies or clean water to the location it’s needed most. That’s the beautiful thing about the transportation world—we’re essential, we’re caring, and we’re resilient—especially in times of need.