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Happy Birthday to Us! Celebrating 34 Years on February 23

Ah, 34—the nearly mid-thirties. A time in life where you pretty much know where you’re going and have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of, yet you’ve still got a lot to learn and look forward to. Since Sureway Transportation is a well-established business, our 34th birthday is a little different than the average person’s. We definitely know who we are and what we want to keep doing as we continue to grow up. But at the same time we too have much to look forward to, and it’s always amazing to have another year under our belts and celebrate the story of how we got where we are today.

It all started with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), our parent company. In 1955 Harold Anderson started his company with just two trucks during a time when the industry was being heavily regulated. Doing things the right way, business expanded as he obtained his machinery and equipment authority and increased the company fleet to six total drivers.

In 1961, ATS revenues already exceeded an impressive $1 million—still run by Harold. His son Rollie joined him in 1972 after returning from the Air Force.

ATS expanded into the brokerage business in 1989 by introducing Sureway, providing customers with a valuable increase in freight moving capacity. That same year they exceeded $100 million in gross revenue.

In 1996, we developed our agent-based program to expand our service offering, which is the same successful model we still work from today. Jumping ahead ten years, ATS and Sureway worked with a software development company in 2006 to create a leading brokerage TMS program, currently called PowerBroker and Agent Access. We continue to benefit from these on the daily.

In 2016, additional focus was put on developing the agent program and the technology behind it. A year later, SaferWatch software was integrated, allowing agents to onboard carriers without the need for corporate signoff. And in 2019, Agent Access got an Auto-Tender upgrade, allowing carriers to cover loads without the need for agent approval. Over the last several years load tracking technology has dramatically improved and Sureway Agents have embraced that technology to help give their customer better visibility of the location of their cargo.

Fast-forward to 2023—at the company age of 34, Sureway is continuing to develop leading ways for our agents to move more freight faster. And it’s because of our history and dedication to innovation that we’ll keep growing in the right direction.

Thanks to all of our partners, support staff, employees, agents, and customers for helping build Sureway Transportation into the reputable and thriving company we are today. Cheers to 34 and decades more to come!