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Talkable Topic: How Big is Your Bond?

Here at Sureway, we always go the extra mile—and our Surety Bond is no exception. While the minimum required to even qualify as a freight broker is $75,000, we have a generous $250,000 on hand, which is exponentially more than others in our field. In fact, less than 1% of all brokers carry more than the minimum requirement. What kind of advantages does our additional bond provide our agents? Let us count the ways. 

Additional Peace of Mind
A Surety Bond actually protects both shippers and carriers in the event of fraud or lost payment. With significantly more funds than our competitors, the folks working with our agents know that there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to getting paid. And that speaks volumes in a world that doesn’t always come with that guarantee.

 TIA-Level Security
A $250,000 Surety Bond is available to members of the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association)—if they qualify. TIA has long been a leader and advocate for North American logistics companies. As members of the TIA, Sureway took the time to apply for the highest bond level possible and was easily approved. TIA’s credibility comes from name recognition and also their years of proven expertise. Which adds another level of security for those we work with.

More Credit to Work With
Having a larger Surety Bond also translates to legitimate financial security. Essentially, we’ve got skin in the game. Just knowing that we carry a $250,000 Surety Bond speaks to our ability to back our word, which we do every single day.

Enhanced Reliability
Holding a surety bond holds freight brokers accountable in abiding by the FMCSA rules and regulations. A bond of bigger value—taken out voluntarily—speaks to the confidence a broker has in their own company, and is a great comfort for agents to lean on when booking freight.

Get the big bond advantage by bringing your Agency to Sureway. If you know of an expert agent who is ready for the next step in their career, simply steer them in our direction