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Talkable Topic: The Ups and Downs of Real-Time Load Tracking

Technology has come a long way, even to the point of seeing your delivery truck coming down the street from your phone. But are there any aspects of this technology that can be a disadvantage, or too good to be true?

Long gone are the days of guessing when and where your shipment is. With today’s technology, shippers, carriers, and customers have the most accurate shipment tracking than ever before.

What used to entail analog texting to flip phones, now is available with the tap of a screen. Implementing this real-time load tracking is easier than it has ever been thanks to third-party systems. These systems make implementing real-time tracking simple and affordable for carriers and shippers alike and even link with their ELD (electronic logging device).

The accuracy of real-time tracking software provides shippers and carriers with invaluable information that can help them plan accordingly and be proactive, rather than reactive. In addition to it being a useful resource to shippers and carriers, customers will also appreciate the real-time updates and can access the location of their shipment through a portal or by contacting us directly for an ETA.

The downside… nothing! Real-time tracking gives shippers, carriers, and customers all something to boast about. Shippers and carriers will appreciate the supply chain visibility to help manage the unexpected, and customers will love being able to see the progress of their shipments in real-time.