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Want to be a Sureway Agent? Here’s What It’ll Take to Succeed

Sureway Agents aren’t just eager to get to work and move more freight faster, they have what it takes to do their jobs efficiently and successfully. To thrive within our proven agent model, agents do need to be at a certain experience level, and while there are many attributes that contribute to being a rockstar agent, here are three key factors to excelling as a Sureway Agent.

Experience is a Must
With all of the high demands of this role, experience is an important factor. In a fast-paced industry with many variables (weather, tight deadlines), you need the necessary skill to handle each situation properly. Do you have the know-how to make fast and intelligent decisions that will benefit you and the customer? If so, you’ve got a definite advantage! 

Strong Resolve will Take You Far
Do you love to push yourself? Sticking to your goals and moving more freight, ensuring items are progressing accurately and effectively, and adhering to a strategic plan for keeping things in line are all essential elements in the world of transportation. Working independently and holding yourself accountable are a few of the fundamental skills critical to Sureway Agents.

Ambition is a Game Changer
If you find yourself constantly looking to do more and love having the freedom to create your own responsibilities, level up with Sureway. You choose the freight you want to move, and move as much as you like—putting you in the driver's seat of your career. The growth in your position and for your business is entirely up to you. Who doesn't love having control of their advancements and income? With Sureway by your side, you’ll work under the security of our established company while moving as far and fast as you like.

How you work is always up to you, but it’s the character and dedication you put in that makes all the difference. For experienced agents who are ready to thrive, look no further than Sureway’s agent model—we’re here to celebrate your successes and support you as you grow. Visit to get going in the right direction.