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Why you should post a rate on your load?

Sureway Agents have the ability to post their loads to the leading load boards directly through the TMS integrations.  Studies done by the industry leading load boards show that the number one sort for carriers when they are searching for a load is the rate.  You may think it is the destination but in reality it is the rate.  This is even more evident in a market where demand for trucks is really high because carriers and drivers are confident they will be able to find a load out of most markets so the rate is more of a deciding factor that anything else.

What does this mean for a Transportation Agent?  It is important the you post your rate otherwise your load posting will show up on the bottom of the list.  Posting a rate is quick and easy with Sureway's TMS because of the integrations that have been developed.

If you need any additional information please reach out to any member of the Sureway Team and we can answer whatever questions you may have.

Paul-Killmer-2Written by Paul Killmer

Paul has been with ATS/Sureway since 1999 and is the Director of Sureway Transportation.  He has a passion for helping agents succeed and providing a platform for them to do that.