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Day in the Life of a Freight Agent: Part 3—It’s Not What, It’s How

Freight Agents are not all created equal. There’s a fine art to ensuring that goods get moved from point A to point B in a seemingly seamless fashion. Sureway agents have a knack for efficiency that can only come from experience and perseverance, productivity that comes from staying dedicated to helpful habits, and most importantly a strong dedication to service—customers and carriers are always our top priority. Here’s how a Sureway freight agent might tackle the day head.

Setting Up for Efficiency
With lots of experience under their belts, our freight agents know what works for them and they lean into in. While one agent might flourish in an office environment, another knows they thrive on getting right to work in the morning from a home office. They might even work best by remaining fully mobile. But we covered all that in Part 2 of this blog series.

Other efficiencies include utilizing multiple monitors to keep an eye on various load boards, bookmarking specific views they want to check on throughout the day so that they can easily toggle back and forth from job to job, and putting today’s top Bluetooth devices to work wirelessly and handsfree calling (and answering!). Some of them even have a different set in each ear. How they keep them straight we don’t know, but we do admire the innovative efficiencies we see from our team.

Moving Loads Along Productively
While the end goal might be the same for each piece of cargo, the game itself differs from load to load. Sureway agents keep a watchful eye on their freight, communicating as proactively as possible to keep it moving safely. For many, that means tuning into their network—calling over to another part of the US to check in on current weather conditions, for instance. It also means making quick recommendations for unforeseen twists and turns in the road. And it means seeing the jobs through to the very end. Keeping that energy up all day comes from a strong desire to get things done right. That extra cup or five of coffee doesn’t hurt either.

Servicing Customers—and Carriers—Genuinely
Great freight agents are people-people. They know that even though they’ve answered the phone 182 times by noon, the person on the other line still deserves the same respect, patience, and attention to detail as the first person they talked to that morning. How you treat people matters, and Sureway agents understand that being real is always the best route to success. Honesty goes a long way, as does wishing someone a good day, simply saying thanks, and telling carriers to have a safe trip.

Aside from the hard-earned talent our freight agents have, they also benefit from a full time support team that lets them focus fully on the work they’re good at, keeping the back-office paperwork out of sight, working smarter along with everything else. Learn more about working as an agent under Sureway here >>