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Tech Talk: Load Boards, Carrier Tracking, and Digital Freight Capabilities

Here at Sureway, we’ve worked hard to not only use today’s best technology, but to be a leader of developing fine-tuned systems and best practices that take logistics to an entirely new level—both for our carriers, customers and for our agents. The industry as a whole has come a long way for sure! But where are we currently at with Load Boards, Carrier Tracking, and Digital Freight Capabilities? We’re so glad you asked!

Load Boards Have Come A Long Way

Over the years load boards have embraced technology to support the transportation industry and have been helping carriers and brokers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Many of the innovations have come from the brokers and carriers that they have partnered with for many years. Here at Sureway, we have supported load board innovation by following industry best practices laid before us by leaders in this arena.

Keeping Carrier Tracking Smooth

When live load tracking became a thing, it changed the industry. Customers became more involved than ever, watching for updates as their cargo went from point A to point B. At the beginning, not everything was so smooth sailing. Updates oftentimes didn’t make it into the database until well after milestones (and deliveries) were met. Nonetheless, that’s how all things get started. Today, customers, carriers and agents enjoy a predictable tracking experience that they can rely on to give them accurate updates and a set interval.

Enhancing Digital Freight Capabilities

Digital freight matching is all the rage. Why? Because technology can add efficiency to the transportation industry for the driver, carrier, shipper and broker. It can help a driver know when and where the next load is coming from. It can give the shipper and broker confidence in the service that will be provided by the carrier. It really makes for a seamless transaction all around especially if the technology is backed up by knowledgeable people who understand the transportation industry. ATS has a great blog post that covers Digital Freight Matching in detail, and if anyone knows freight matching, it’s our parent company for sure.

Now, even though this is the most up-to-date status of the technology at hand, there’s already many things in the works to continue leading its evolution in the freight world. With no shortage of ideas, the important thing then becomes testing and ensuring that there is reliable precision for all we’re asking. Because technology only makes our lives easier when it truly works. Want to talk more tech? Check out this blog on our digital load boards, or shoot us a question at